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What is Thai Massage
and Zen Shiatsu?
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Welcome to S h i n e, a Thai Massage and Zen Shiatsu clinic
located in Nakano Ward, Tokyo.

The clinic is just 3 minutes walk from Araiyakushi-mae Station
on the Seibu Shinjuku line.

 For reservations, please visit the Access page.

         ※No business-related emails or phone calls, please.
Thank you for visiting the homepage of Shine,
a Thai Massage and Zen Shiatsu clinic located in Nakano ward, Tokyo.

At this clinic, using a highly relaxing Thai Massage as the basis, we also add in Zen Shiatsu
for a combined, healing treatment, which makes up our main therapy.

The slowed flow of your blood and energy will be improved, and your internal organs will function better.
In doing this, the stiffness and stress throughout your body will gradually be reduced,
and we will be able to guide your mind and body together on the road to a healthier condition.
Those with very stiff and sore bodies, and even those who do not get enough exercise can expect satisfactory results.

The treatments and therapies performed at this clinic are meant to be gentle and healing, not painful,
so you do not have to worry about pain during treatments or soreness after treatments.

Aside from Thai Massage and Zen Shiatsu, we also do head and facial massage, abdominal massage, Quantum Touch,
and Aromatherapy (women only). If you're interested in any of these, you should definitely give them a try.

We are located three minutes walk from Seibu Shinjuku Araiyakushi-mae station. Reservations are preferred,
and can be made on the same day.
Please visit the Access page to make a reservation.

Business hours are Thursday through Tuesday, 2pm to 9pm. The clinic is closed on Wednesdays.
   ●Thai Massage & Zen Shiatsu
   (40 minutes from 3000 yen)
   ●Thai-style & Mongolian foot massage
   (30 minutes from 3000 yen)
   ●Facial and head massage
   (40 minutes from 5000 yen)
   ●Aroma Oil Massage
   (60 minutes from 8000 yen)
★Option Menu★
   ●Abdominal massage
   (20 minutes from 2000 yen)
   ●Neck and head massage
   (20 minutes from 2000 yen)
   ●Quantum Touch
   (10 minutes from 1000 yen)
        ◆What's the treatment at Shine like?◆

   With a deeply relaxing Thai Massage, in addition to Zen Shiatsu...

   We help your internal organs in addition to setting your blood, lymph, and energy flow in line.

   In addition, also help along the flow of the body's waste products through methods such as stretches,
     resulting in recovery from exhaustion and an increase in the strength of the immune system.

      Everyone regardless of age is welcome.